Coco La Poet–

Poet, Psychic and Spiritual Medium

Coco is an experienced psychic and spiritual medium who  gives accurate psychic readings that are personal to individual. She is a person with a large heart, open spirit and uses her intuition to offer them guidance through honest compelling readings and encourages each person face the challenges that may lie ahead of them. 

In scheduling your personal reading with Coco, you will receive a detailed and compassionate reading that will guide you in the area you need it most.

Coco's spiritual abilities include:

Clairsentience (clear feeling)- ability to recieve messages through feelings, emotions or physical sensation

Clairaudience (clear hearing)-ability to hear from within the spiritual realm *Not through physical ears*

Claircognizant-(clear knowing)-ability to 

know something without prior facts or knowledge

Mediumship- communicating with those from the spirit world through channeling 

All sessions must be done either over the phone or video chat to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact me for any personal inquiries.